PYLA 1.3 : Faster than base material !

Pyla is still evolving, and here is version 1.3, with optimization!

Pyla is not a slow shader. Usually, using it slows down your render time by just 2%.
Indeed, I'm trying to get it faster.

With this new version, your object with Pyla can be rendered faster than just the base shader!

In fact, you have to choose wich layer will appear in secondary reflections (reflects, transparency, indirect lighting...). If you choose the fastest of your shader, base or layer, you can cut your render time by up to 30%.
You can even choose to have a Black Closure (Null closure) for secondary, and you render could up to 60% faster!

Complementary documentation for PYLA 1.3:
MaskLayer = Put here a mask image to have the layer visible just on the white part of the mask.

Secondary_Layer = Secondary Optimization:
0.0 = NO Optimization, use it for maximum photorealism
1.0 = secondary is Base, use this if your Base shader is faster than Layer Shader
2.0 = secondary is Layer, use this if your Layer shader is faster than Base Shader
3.0 = secondary is black (null closure). This is the fatest render, but could do unwanted result in case of readable reflection of the object.

Optimization is very effective if you have complex layers or base shaders. But if all your layers are already fast to render, it would not be a great help (indeed, there is less needs of optimization in this case).

PYLA 1.3 is dowloadable here : PYLA1.3

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