Physically Correct Rendering with Blender and Cycles

I’m currently using Blender with Cycles renderer for a projet.

Even if it’s a great (and fast) renderer, there is nothing to be sure to make a physically correct rendering. So I’m doing some experiments to make shader groups that could be use on every objects, for all the production.

I’ve made 3 kinds of Physically Correct shading :
- Priority distribution, à la MentalRay©NVidia or VRay©Chaosgroup
- Proportional distribution.
- Roughness driven distribution, the most ‘Phycally correct’ one, à la Maxwell Render©Next Limit

There is nothing to download yet, as the job is not finished and not yet ready for commn use, but I can show you some of my results.

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myke666 a dit…

Excellent boulot mister :)
tu a quoi comme temps de rendu là dessus ? (xeon ? gpu )