Evolution of GAO Ambient Occlusion Shader

I would like to present you a very nice évolution of my GAO Ambient Occlusion Shader by BAO2.

He did a more complex version, with inverted AO (edge detection) and some other enhancements.

here is the link to dicover the GAO2 AO OSL SHADER !

ADDEDUM : GAO and GAO2 are updated ! Click here to see the new versions GAO1.1 and GAO2.1 !

3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

I have problems in blender 2.71
in blender 2.60 everything is all right

Youpi a dit…

Hello, I'm going to see this asap !

Sorry for any incovenience !

Youpi a dit…

the solution is here :