OSL Teaching Winter 2014 Results

I'm teaching shading and Shader Writing for years.

During the last Winter Session, in 3D Master at ESTEI, we studied Open Shading Language.

Here is the results, from the first shader to a full workshop :

Shader Writing Courses 2014 Students Work Reel from François Gastaldo on Vimeo.

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Dejan Pejački a dit…

Greetings, I like your shader GAO (not GAO2) and I would like to use it in the new version of Blender, can you update it?


Youpi a dit…

GAO and GAO2 are updated : http://vadrouillegraphique.blogspot.fr/2014/07/new-versions-of-gao-and-gao2-ambient.html

Youpi a dit…
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Dejan Pejački a dit…

Thank you so much you're the best!