FOSPHORE First look !

FOSPHORE is an OSL Project made for education.

Full Of SPHere On REndering

The goal is to make some shaders using ‘in shader sphere rendering’.

Those Open Shading Language shaders convert any object to a bunch of spheres! With them, you can have a 6 polygones cube looking like one million spheres at rendering time, with no RAM overload.

This is purely shading: no particule, no molecular nor granular plugins. Just apply the shader to your object to turn it to thousands of spheres.

The main interest of those shader is education! They are not yet Production Ready Shaders!
The speed of those shaders is not so smaller than converting object to real sphere particules.
The granular tests made with Softimage ICE are even faster! (But it is Softimage ICE… Rest In Peace Softy)

In this post, you can see the first results of FOSPHORE_FILL.

This first shader fills an object with spheres of chosen size and space.
You can randomly change size, place, color… It’s also possible to animate the noise and the spheres.
There is no limits to the number of spheres, and you could have thousands and thousands spheres in your object!

Unfortunately, the shader is not yet to be released. There are still some bugs, and some optimization is needed. I also have to make it to work correctly with VRay.


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