Image 2 Screen shader

I've made a Raster Screen Simulator Shader for a project made with Autodesk Softimage.

I also started an Open shading Language, useable with Blender/Cycles and any other OSL renderer. (I'm impatient to try it with VRay or Arnold). It is the first version, and it has less fonctionalities than the Softimage Shader. I'll release full version later.

It convert any image to a pixelised version.
There is many option :
- Pixel Resolution of the simulated screen.
- Color depth, for display from 3bit (8 colors) to 24bit (16M colors).
- distance visibility of gap between pixels.
- distance visibility of RGB pattern.

and, on softimage : dead pixels, non uniform color chunks and some other picture degradations.

This Shader need a raw image data, without UV. So,
in softimage :
* you need to connect blue output of the raw image node to the shader, without the 'image' node.

in Blender :
* There is no 'raw image file' node, so you need to enter, by hand, the full path of the image file of the image you want to pixelize of for the RGB pattern image.

I offer you a bunch of RGB Patterns examples. I made photgrphies of many screens using my 60mm Macro Nikkor, and I draw some myself.

See the FULL Documentation (in french, sorry) for more information.

Download :
Autodesk Softimage Shader Compound : Image 2 Screen
Full PDF Shader Documentation (in french, but illustrated)
Open shading Language (OSL) Image 2 Screen Script
RGB Patterns images
Blender / Cycles / OSL Example Scene

Enjoy it !
Here is a video of results, and some example of 'how to' use :

Image 2 Screen Shader demo from François Gastaldo on Vimeo.