Propagation EEVEE

I take advantage of the social distancing to try many things in 3D.

For a long time, I want to test EEVEE, the wonderful 'Near-Real-Time' Blender renderer.

For this short project, I use Meshroom for photogrammetry and Blender 2.82.

All materials are animated, and have, at least 10 nodes.
I used EEVEE in Optix mode, with the Optix denoiser.

The first trap I fall into was the 'Render Animation' menu. Never use the Render Animation menu with EEVEE !!! Never !!!
You must use it for every other renderer, but not with EEVEE!!

Using it will transform your Ultra-fast Eevee in Ultra-Slow Eevee, jumping from 8s/frame to 3m30/frame!!!

You HAVE to use the new menu in viewport : Viewport Render Animation.
Then, you'll have EEVEE Full Power !

Enjoy !