New Versions of GAO and GAO2 Ambient Occlusion !

Someone of you asked me why GAO is not working on Blender 2.71.

Unfortunately, the bug is not from GAO, so I can’t fix it! The OSL ‘Trace’ Function is bugging on some version of Blender 2.71.x.

Indeed, GAO and GAO2 are working perfectly on the Official Blender 2.71. You can download Blender 2.71 here.

So, I decided to clean up and make GAO ever Better!

What’s new in GAO 1.1 !
1. Closure Ouput now use Input colors! It’s now possible to have colored or even textured Ambient Occlusion

2. New Oversampling function. It adjusts the quality of your AO independently from scene sampling. It’s also possible to have better AO on some object and basic one on others.

3. New Gamma display! GAO is definitively the smoothest Ambient Occlusion! The gamma allows making it smoother or looking more like a true lighting effect.

All new GAO2.1 !
A completely rewritten of the most popular GAO2 by BAO2 from BlenderArtist Forum !

It includes all new things from GAO1.1 with the typical functions of GAO2 added:
1. AO angle in degrees.
2. 3 modes: 1 = Standard AO, 2 = Inverted Normal AO (wear), 3 = both.
3. Inverted Effect that swap the In and the Hit inputs.

The Indirect Illumination option is not yet implemented, sorry.

Download GAO1.1 Ambient Occlusion

Download GAO2.1 Advanced Ambient Occlusion

AND, very very big news : GAO2 for VRay 3.0 !

You have to use it with the VRayOSLMtl !

There is just one material output (no map color only output).

There is just one function different from GAO2 generic OSL :
UseTexture checkbox : when OFF, GAO2 use the color input. When ON, it use the map inputs.

Download GAO2.1 for VRAY 3 ready to use .oso file

Download GAO2.1 for VRAY 3 .OSL source code



OSL Teaching Winter 2014 Results

I'm teaching shading and Shader Writing for years.

During the last Winter Session, in 3D Master at ESTEI, we studied Open Shading Language.

Here is the results, from the first shader to a full workshop :

Shader Writing Courses 2014 Students Work Reel from François Gastaldo on Vimeo.