'OSL Shader Writing with compatibility in mind' workshop in Amsterdam!

Don't miss my workshop at the Blender Conference 2014, from 24 to 36 October, in Amsterdam!

'OSL Shader Writing with compatibility in mind'

I'll make a course / workshop about OSL compatibility between renderers and how to get the most of OSL on a multi-renderers production.

I'll talk about :
- OSL Implementation differences,
- Texture Shaders
- Materials Shaders
- 100% OSL shading
- Solution to be compatible between renderers

Examples of OSL shading from Cycles to Appleseed and VRay will be shown.

More information about the presentation Here.



QUIPCAM and PYLA at the Blender Conference 2013

hi !

The Blender Conference 2014 is in a month!

So it's time to remember the Blender Conf 2013, with videos of my presentations of QUIPCAM and MYLA.

The Blender conf is really nice, with a lot of very interesting prestenations.
Blender is near everywhere, so there is presentation about near all CG subject, from game to VFX, via real time vizualisation, shading, OSL (of course!), and a lot more!

Here is the first presentation about QUICKCAM. Beginning is missing due to a technical problem:

The second is about MYLA, and it is very short (start à 33mn 44s):

See you in Amsterdam !


Les Photos déclarent leur indépendances

Youpi en Vadrouille mélange univers 3D et photos depuis le début.

Hélas, il est devenu trop difficile de gérer les deux ! L'abondance de l'un occultant l'autre, et vice versa.

Aussi, Les vadrouilles de Youpi se soncentreront sur la 3D, le shading et l'OSL.

Et pour découvrir mes photographies, je vous invite sur mon Tumblr : Realworldography !
Que des photos, que du monde réel !

Si vous aimez mon travail photographique, abonnez-vous !

'Youpi en vadrouille' is a mix of 3D and photos from the first post.

Indeed, it started to be very difficult to have the two in one blog. Many of one hiding the other, and making navigation difficult.

So, now, Youpi will be more 3D, shading and OSL !

For the photos, you have to welcome my new Tumblr: Realworldography !
Just photos, just from real world !

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