OSL Renderers Big List !!!

It's very difficult to find a complete list of renderers including Open shading Language.

I need it for OSL teaching and for my OSL Master-Class, so I made it myself !

I could miss some. If you don't find your Rendering software here, please, write a comment.

Some renderers have different features according the 3D software hosting it. So, I just list the ones including OSL.
It is very difficult to make this list, as the OSL implementation could be very different. In some case, it is even hidden to the final user (like in Corona for Maya). In other cases, there is no end-user interface for compiling the .osl shader (should be compiled by oslc before using it). Some are so poorly documented that it is near impossible to use.
I decided to make just six categories, mostly useful to end-user.
I didn't made Commercial vs Open source categories neither.
It could be very useful to make compatibility charts between renderers and OSL specification, but it's not the goal of this post.

This post is evolutive, according to renderers actualities.

This post is up to date the 12 / 04 / 2018, list version: 8.1

Full OSL renderers, with compilation UI
Closure + texture pattern,
ready to use,
in-software OSL compilation

-> Autodesk 3DS Max 2019 with Arnold Renderer included
------------------> OSL Documentation

-> Autodesk MAYA 2018+ with Arnold Renderer included
------------------> OSL Documentation

-> 3delight for Katana
------------------> OSL Documentation

-> Cycles in Blender
------------------> OSL Documentation

-> Cycles4D, Cycles for Cinema 4D
------------------> OSL Documentation

-> Vray for 3DSMax
------------------> OSL Documentation

-> Vray for Cinema4D
------------------> OSL Documentation (for full documentation, read documention of VRay for 3DS-Max)

-> Vray for Maya
------------------> OSL Documentation (very poor...)

-> Autodesk Beast
------------------> OSL Documentation

-> Arnold Render Standalone and API
------------------> OSL Documentation

Full OSL renderers
Closure + texture pattern,
ready to use,
not documented compilation or external oslc compilation
-> Appleseed HQ
------------------> OSL Documentation

-> 3delight, 3delight Studio Pro
------------------> OSL Documentation

-> 3delight for Maya (very promising and useable experimental feature...)
------------------> OSL Documentation

-> FluidRay (no available public documentation)

-> BRL-CAD, Open source Solid Modeling CAD
------------------> OSL Documentation

-> XRT Renderer
------------------> OSL Documentation

Texture Pattern only OSL renderers
-> Pixar Renderman 21+, and Pixar Renderman for Maya
------------------> OSL Documentation

-> Clarisse 3.6 IFX
------------------> OSL Documentation

-> Autodesk 3DS Max 2019 (with export of OSL generated maps to any renderer !)
------------------> OSL Documentation

-> Octane Render
------------------> OSL Documentation

Futur, promised in next release, or currently in OSL implementation
-> Maneki NPR and Photo-Surreal Rendering Renderer, with 3Delight included

Non-rendering software OSL compatibility
-> Shader FX, node based OSL script generation include in Autodesk Maya and Autodesk 3DSMax
------------------> Documentation

-> Gaffer, framework for VFX
------------------> OSL Documentation

Project using OSL
-> Animal Logic Glimpse renderer

-> Cycles standalone

-> Ubisoft motion picture group's proprietary renderer.

-> Spectral Studio (no more available as public, still used as in-house renderer)

-> Helios GPU + OSL Project

-> Paprika NPR Render (no update since 2014)

-> open shading language renderer project

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Anonyme a dit…

Cycles4D - which is Cycles accessed from within Cinema4D, it gets a node editor similar to blender. While their site doesn't seem to mention OSL, if you watch the intro tutorial https://vimeo.com/182987636 you will see script exists in the add node menu.