Giant LED Screen, an OSL shader for every renderer

The Giant LED Screen shader is an OSL shader used for teaching how to adapt shaders for any OSL compatible renderers.

The shader is rather complex. It is using object individual ID, distance to the camera, U and V quantization, and emission.

Making a version for each rendering software is not easy, as a lot of this features change fron one renderer to another. Indeed, it is a really good exercise for teaching portability !

Tested versions are for :
- ARNOLD (Solid Angle), for 3DSMax and Maya.

- Clarisse IFX ( Isotropix)

- Cycles, for Blender.

- Renderman (Pixar), Renderman 21.5 for Maya.

- Vray for 3DS Max (Chaosgroup)

If I have opportunity to try to adapt it to other renderers, I would update this post.

Shader features are :
: Simulate LED and local led glow
: LED visibility according to camera distance. This is very useful for having a total moiré control.
: Simulation of dead pixels and led chunk visibility and non uniformity.
: Screen color, useful for road sign...
: Slideshow of up to 10 pictures, with fading as transition.
: random pictures on each object, so no screens in the scene are identical.
: base luminosity of the screen

Enjoy !

OSL GiantLedScreen Shader from François Gastaldo on Vimeo.

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