OSL Juggler everywhere !

Well, not exactly everywhere...

Unfortunately, I don't have access to all renderers of my OSL Renderer BIG LIST.

So, I tried to adapt my OSL Juggler, based on 1986 Eric Graham's 3D Juggler, to OSL compatible renderers I could use.

Despite including a full ray tracing renderer in itself, the OSL Juggler Shader is rather simple. It just use I and P variables, in world coordinate system, and the emission() closure.

The main adaptation was Y up and direction of I.

You can find :

Juggler for Blender

Juggler for Renderman

Juggler for Arnold + 3DSMax 2018

Juggler for Arnold + Maya

Juggler for Vray Max and Maya

Juggler for Isotropix Clarisse IFX

Juggler for Appleseed, Blenderseed and Maya

If you want an adaptation of the Juggler for your Renderer, email me.
Then, send me a link to download an useable version of your software (at least for 30 days...) and to some documentation of how to include an OSL shader.

I'll contact you if I would find any problem.

The OSL Juggler shader doesn't use advanced OSL fonctions (not getattribute, no trace, etc...), so it could work on any software using OSL.

Enjoy playing with the 1986 Erci Graham's JUGGLER! The animation that changed the world of 3D forever...

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